6 of the Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

Whether you live in Pittsburgh or just like to visit the city, there’s a large selection of coffee shops where you can always find something unique to try. Look at six coffee shops in Pittsburgh that are worth a visit the next time you have a taste for a delicious drink and maybe a sweet snack.

1. Redhawk Coffee

Redhawk Coffee is located at 120 Meyran Avenue in Oakland. This coffee shop has a variety of items on the menu from cappuccino, latte, mocha to seltzers and hot teas. You can even get a hot chocolate on those chilly days in the Pittsburgh area. This shop has an intimate sitting area with an energetic vibe for coffee lovers.

2. Espresso a Mano

Espresso a Mano has two locations to choose from in the Pittsburgh area including Lawrenceville and Squirrel Hill. The menu includes cappuccino, latte macchiato and hot tea along with cold drinks such as iced coffees. Sandwiches and biscuits are also available. A cozy sitting area both inside and outdoors. Enter the shop via a huge garage door!

3. Constellation Coffee

This coffee shop is located on Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville. Pick up fresh brewed hot coffee or iced coffee, dark and light varieties of tea. This shop offers a large selection of fragrant teas such as carrot tea, blueberry hibiscus and elderberry. Vegan rolls, cookies, oat bars and other snacks are available along with refreshing drinks. The shop has a large seating area and a pleasant, well-lit atmosphere.

4. Arriviste Coffee Bar

This shop is in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the artwork and modern décor along with a memorable cup of coffee. Espresso, cappuccino and Caffe macchiato are on the menu among others. Specialty drinks are also available such as Applejackaccino, Affogato and Café con miel. Pastries and baked goods are also served to pair with a delicious drink.

5. Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace coffee is one of several coffee shops in Pittsburgh nestled in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. Guests can get French press coffee, pour overs and specialty milk along with espressos, latte, chai tea and cortado. Coffee is available in a variety of sizes so you can have as much or little as you’d like. Muffins, brownies, coffee cake and cookies are also served to complement the refreshing drinks. Sit in a warm, welcoming shop for a chat or some quiet time while taking in the natural light and modern décor.

6. Big Dog Coffee.

Big Dog Coffee is located on Sarah Street on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Big Dog Coffee offers its guests a small yet inviting seating area. Order from a variety of brewed coffee blends, espressos, and cold drinks. There are several types of bread, cookies, pies, and muffins available to snack on as you sip your refreshing beverage. Soup is another favorite on the menu! Vegetarian options are available as well.