How to Bring a Little Luxury Home

Luxury at home

Your home can feel as luxurious as a hotel

What is it about a great hotel stay that melts away tension and allows us to breathe a little more deeply? Yes, the daily cleaning and nightly turn down services are certainly an indulgence we miss when at home. Still, there are other smaller, yet meaningful, ways that our favorite hotels imbue a sense of luxury in their spaces that we can recreate. Here are a few simple ideas that you can try at home to make your day just a little more luxurious.

If you’re anything like me “luxurious” isn’t a word you’d use to describe your everyday morning routine, but you can try this spa-like aromatherapy experience easily. Add 10 to 12 drops of your favorite essential oil to a washcloth or cotton pad and place it on the shower floor. Keep it away from direct spray, yet near enough so the water can reach it and the steam will diffuse your scent. Try either mint, citrus, or eucalyptus for energizing vibes, or lavender, chamomile or sandalwood to promote relaxation.

Bring nature in & spark your senses

Hotels often have towering bouquets in their lobbies and include fresh stems in the rooms as well. Decorating with fresh florals at home doesn’t need to cost the same as a suite upgrade. Grocery stores sell blooms at a fraction of the cost of the florist. Instead of just dropping the store-bought bouquet into a vase, play with colors and proportions to get a designer effect. Go monochrome – if you spot a multicolored bouquet, buy multiple and then separate them into a few monochrome arrangements for different rooms in your home. Go low – arranging flowers in a short container or vase helps blooms look larger and your arrangement more robust. Lastly, go for greens – fresh greenery or inexpensive filler like baby’s breath looks luxurious in large, lush bunches.

Make your bed! Even without a chocolate on the pillow, climbing into a made bed at the end of a long day is refreshing. If you’re really short on time in the mornings skip the top sheet. Throw a fluffy duvet (that can easily be washed in the machine) over your fitted sheet for a bed that looks effortlessly made in seconds. Drape a quilt or throw at the end if needed for cooler nights.

Finally, light a candle. Scent always has the ability to transport us. Boutique hotels create their own custom fragrances that infuse their rooms and lobbies. Find your favorite and place candles, diffusers, etc. of the same scent throughout your home so the aroma follows you throughout your day.