How To Style a Bookshelf

A bookshelf adds color, dimension, and personality to any room. However, figuring out how to perfectly style your shelf can be overwhelming. Here are my top tips!

  1. Start with larger items: Place the larger decorative items on your shelf first. These will be the anchors of the shelf. When placing these items make sure there’s a good balance of where they are placed. Items in this category could include a large vase, globe, or decorative box. 
  2. Vary the direction of books: By switching between stacking books horizontally and leaning them vertically you’ll keep the shelf interesting and balance the weight.
  3. Organize by color: If you’re feeling your shelf is lacking, categorizing the books by color can add a fun touch.
  4. Use artwork: Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive. A nice print you found at a local art fair would do the trick for decorating your shelf. I suggest you place the artwork in the back of a shelf and layer with smaller decor pieces in front to create dimension.
  5. Decorate with odd numbers: When adding decor pieces to a shelf focus on odd numbers of items. Three items are typically a good rule of thumb.
  6. Add greenery: Placing some plants on your shelf is the perfect final touch! They bring life and a nice touch of color. My favorite plant is a trailing pothos- it looks great and they are super easy to take care of! 
  7. Play with materials: If your shelf is still feeling lackluster, add in some new materials and textures. If you have natural wood shelves, you may consider adding in a few gold decorative pieces. Adding metals and glass lighten up the shelf.
  8. Share your finalized bookshelves on Instagram and make sure you tag me!