Start Your Own Spring Garden With These Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

If you are like many other people, you are thinking of starting your own spring garden this season. It is a great time to create something beautiful in your own backyard. You can get started by keeping the following tips for spring gardening in mind.

Evaluate Your Space

The first thing you want to do is evaluate your space. You need to see if any plants have been damaged by the cold or icy weather, and you need to clean out the flower beds. Your evaluation may also include inspecting and caring for the landscape around your garden. The key is to assess and repair any damage that occurred during winter.

Prune Your Area

There are many tips for spring gardening that help you prepare your space. One step you do not want to skip is pruning your shrubs. You need to remove the pieces that were damaged during winter, as well as the dead branches. Avoid pruning early-blooming shrubs such as lilacs, ninebarks and azaleas. You may not be able to see these species right now, but they are going to bloom before the other species.

Prepare The Plant Beds

You also need to prepare the plant beds for your spring garden. Start by digging the soil and adding oxygen to the bed. You should also add the compost, clear the planting area and rake it until it is smooth. Your garden may not have any flowers right now, but you still need to water it on warmer, sunny days. Taking care of your area makes it possible to start new plant beds.

Plant Your Garden

When reading through the different tips for spring gardening, you may have been waiting for the tip that involves planting your garden. Start by placing container-grown plants into your garden during the growing season, and be sure to water them before and after you place them into the ground. Another option is to plant your garden from the bare root of each species.

Fertilize Your Garden

Another step you do not want to skip is fertilizing your garden. It gives your garden the strength it needs to grow throughout the season. A balanced fertilizer also helps your garden to return next year. Remember to follow the directions when adding the fertilizer to your garden. The fertilizer container should include the numbers 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 on it.

Give it Regular Care

One of the most important tips for spring gardening is to care for your garden on a regular basis. You need to ensure each species is getting the required amount of water, food and sunlight. The instructions are going to vary per species, so you want to research each species before your garden blooms. This way, you know how to take care of your garden before it is too late.

It may seem like a lot of work to start a garden, but the result of caring for your garden is very rewarding. If you keep the above tips for spring gardening in mind, you are sure to enjoy a healthy, beautiful garden throughout the season.