Supporting Small Businesses During Coronavirus

Pittsburgh Small Businesses

I hope you are all staying well.

During this incredibly unique and challenging time, you may be looking for a way to reach out and provide support to those in your community. The temporary closure of restaurants, services and shops impacts us all in different ways. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have had to make some difficult decisions lately as they seek to support their community, their employees, and their own families.

Small businesses truly are the backbone of the American economy.

But between costs for rent, inventory, marketing, etc. many small businesses don’t have any more cash on hand than what is needed to cover the next month’s expenses. Even a two week closure can have a huge financial impact.

While you aren’t able to visit your favorite shops in Pittsburgh over the next several days, there are some things you can do to provide support to these important businesses.

Check to see if your favorites are offering free shipping or curbside pickup, so you can shop safely. Think about purchasing gift cards from your favorite shop to provide much needed support during this slow season. You can redeem these the next time you’re out and about. Even a $10 dollar gift card (maybe included in a care package for a friend or relative) can make a huge difference to a small business that has had to temporarily close its storefront. If you’re cutting back on your own expenses think about how you can share or promote your favorite businesses and makers with others you know on social media. Try to shop local whenever possible, now more than ever.

For creatives and entrepreneurs who are staying home…

Try to continue to seek out inspiration – it really can strike anywhere. Focus on some tasks that you’ve been putting on the back burner, update your portfolio or website, practice a new skill, offer webinars to peers or clients. And remember your shoppers, partners, friends and neighbors support you, value you, and look forward to seeing you again soon.